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    About Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

    The Blue Cross Blue Shield, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is made up of 39 separate health insurance companies in the United States. The Blue Shield formed in 1948 and the Blue Cross association in 1960; together they formed the Blue Cross Blue Shield association in 1982. It has contracts with a large network of hospitals and physicians, more than any other insurance company.

    Medicare Supplement Plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield

    It offers numerous Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans with great coverage to its customers. It uses the ‘age-banned’ rating instead of the exact age of the customers. The rating is based on age groups like 65-69, 70-74 and the like. Directly and indirectly, they sell insurance to over 100 million Americans.

    They continue to be the leaders in Medicare supplement plans and have earned a reputation of being the best. The best customer service in the insurance sector, quick and effective settlement of claims and competitive prices have made them the most sought after insurance providers.

    You might already have a Medicare policy, but there could be gaps in it. If so, then you can get yourself a BCBS Medicare supplement policy to fill in those gaps. This private supplement insurance policy will help you pay medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare. There is a wide range of BCBS Medicare supplement coverage options that are available at rates that will suit different budget. BCBS offers Medicare select plans at reduced premium.

    What BCBS Medicare Supplemental Plans Offer

    If you are looking for non-emergency care, then this plan connects to numerous health care providers who give discounts on premiums. You also get full coverage for emergency treatment at any hospital and doctor of your choice. Depending on the kind of converge you want, you can buy plans A, B, C, F, G, K and L. They also give various non-medical benefits.

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue shield is one of the many different insurance companies that are a part of the BCBS association. It is a trusted and well known name in the health insurance sector. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is an independent licensee of BCBS association and at present serve nearly 13 million customers in nine states. It is an outgrowth of two mutual insurance companies that were created to provide health insurance service for Indiana. It has the distinction of being the fifth biggest publicly traded health benefits company in the country.

    Why Should you Choose a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan

    There are numerous BCBS Medicare supplement plans and options to suit different needs, requirements and budgets. Choosing the right one can be confusing; it is, therefore, best to get the help of people who know all the details about the various plans and policies. A call to their service staff or filling an online form will get you connected to licensed agents whom will give you all you want to know about a particular plan.

    You can fill in a few details to get instant quotes. You can see BCBS Medicare supplement brochures and compare plans and rates of Medicare supplement plans. There are elaborate charts that will map out the benefits that the ten standard BCBS Medicare Supplement (medigap) plans have to offer. Take a few minutes to fill out the easy and simple forms to get started.

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